Survata conducted a study among consumers 18+ to understand which jeans brands they considered to be premium and to identify consumers’ “go-to” retailer for premium jeans and the typical payment method used for purchasing. We captured brand awareness, purchasing and preferences in the premium jeans category.

survata-premium-jeans-ISKey Takeways:

  • In general, premium jeans imply a higher price tag. However, the majority of consumers (75%) are unwilling to spend more than $100 on “premium” jeans.
  • When they purchase premium jeans, 69% of buyers use cash or debit cards as their payment method.
  • While Amazon seems to dominate sales in every category, 76% of survey takers said they buy their premium jeans from retailers’ stores, websites, and apps and 18% purchased them from Amazon. Men were significantly more likely to buy from a retailer’s brick-and-mortar location (46%), whereas women were significantly more likely to buy from a retailer’s website (26%).

Download the full Insights Sheet here


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